Get into the Search Results on web: Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is what web-developers & bloggers need

Web is growingThe web is growing & expanding at an unbelievable pace which can be easily figured out with these facts:
● With about 186,727,854 total number of web sites(including blogs) in the month December 2008 survey by netcraft(which is grown by 1.56 million sites since November 2008),
● About 100 million + bloggers on the web &
About 3,105 total number of search engines operating in 6 worldwide regions in 211 different countries(as on January 2003), the essense of Search Engine optimization really comes into play.

The Major search engines on the Web.
The Major search engines on the Web.
Thus, it becomes even more challenging to be catched in the search engine results to get more traffic on the websites & blogs.
SEO Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine optimization(SEO)? I think that SEO are those techniques which helps websites & blogs to be more friendly to search engines. It helps building potential improvement in the site performance on internet & involves increasing the ability of wesites & blogs to maintain high exposure and visibility under major search engines & search tools.
SEO  are themselves  "brain-spinning" techniques & cover a vast arena of concepts & implementations. Here are the differnent tools under SEO to improve your website's & blog's page rankings:

● Website Content & Structure
● Quality & Quantitiy of contents of websites & blogs
● Link building
● Keywords
● Socialization of websites & blogs(using Widgets)
● Website friendliness for search engines
● Comments & Link exchanges.

I will focus on all these aspests individually in my next posts.

●  Why Widgets? Widgets are the Back-bone for Websites & Blogging Platforms

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