Why Widgets? Widgets are the Back-bone for Websites & Blogging Platforms

Today widgets are indispensable tools for websites, more specifically the entire blogs derive their power from the widgets & these "magic-codes" acts as a vehicle to link the blogging world. 
What are widgets? Widgets are highly optimized, small but powerful pieces of code (programs), with the property to be embedded into blog’s template & webpages to give some added functionality on the respective webpage. Widget codes are easily adaptable to changes made by the user.
Why widgets? Which widgets to use? The most important question for bloggers is answered here.

Widgets are the web-tools providing:
  • Linkage to your websites & blogs to the different social networking sites, workgroups, communities & forums of the people belonging to different parts of the World.
  • Blog & website analysis & tracking in terms of performance & traffic (visitors).
  • Improvement of blog & website accessibility, intetractivity & traffic (of course).
  • Socializing & bookmarking (Saving your Favorite posts, articles & webpages).
  • Customization & beautification of your websites & blogs.
  • Direction on becoming more reader specific & targeted (Getting the actual taste/choice of Readers).

    Today about 1000s of widgets are available & are specific in action & use. I categorize widgets into 2 major classes:
    1. Widgets for websites & blogs.
    2. Widgets for Socializing websites & blogs.(Widgets for Traffic)
    I will present the list of the most popular & successful widgets for blogs in my next posts.
    ©Techprism: Riddhi Mohan

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